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If there are two identical stories, the one with the beautiful graphic will always win.

– Guy Kawasaki –


Visual identity matters.  Most importantly in advertising, where products, services or ideas are directed towards your target audience through visual elements. Our team will create visual elements that present your corporate identity a stylish, professional and conceptually clear manner.

Sporting & Exhibition Events

Paramount Graphics is no stranger to creating visual graphic solutions for Sporting Events, conferences, exhibitions, etc… We understand that the visual elements that we print or fabricate play a key role in the experience. Great attention to detail matters. Thus, creating detailed visual solutions that matter is something we are very accustomed to doing.

Food & Beverage

Consumer experience of a specific brand within the Food & Beverage industry is vital.  Vivid imagery plays an essential role in the experience and is a critical part of defining a brand.  Consumers connect with consistency and brands they can trust.  Our main focus at Paramount, when creating visual elements for brands in this industry, is to create visual elements that extenuates the personality of the brand that consumers connect with and want to continue purchasing.


A brand is the sum total of the experience your customers and prospects have with your company.   And in the Retail Industry, having strong visual elements that define your brand communicates to consumers what your company does, how it does it.  Creating a visual experience that the consumer can connect to establishes trust and credibility with prospects and customers.   Creating these visual markers of your brand is what we do at Paramount.

Our company's success is built on the success of each visual element that we create for our clients.

Bruce CampanelliCo-Founder of Paramount

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